From Spark To Society

From the Spark to the Society

In Turkey, 42 percent of foundations and associations are located in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana and Bursa. (Civil Society Index Report 2011: Civil Society in Turkey, At a Turning Point, TÜSEV)

Whereas 35 percent of active associations in Turkey are in The Marmara Region, the percentage of associations which are active in The Southeastern Anatolia Region is only 5,1. (Department of Associations)

  • To provide opportunity of reaching transparent associations for our sparks coming from different parts of Anatolia which are weak in terms of civil society.

Turkey is the 132nd out of 135 countries whose citizens takepart in volunteering.

  • To meet the need of sustainable volunteership in addition to volunteering in a short time period by supports of sparks.

In the light of all aforementioned reasons, we expect becoming integral and sustainable parts of projects, civil society organizations and social enterprises within the scope of “From Spark to Society” project and take reports form our sparks about these activities on announced dates.

Our Project Team

‘From Spark to Society’ Project which began in 2018 is coordinated by sparks who are:

  • Interested in volunteering, civil society,social enterprise and social issues,
  • Preferably, an undergradute student of one of these programs: Law, Sociology, International Relations or Politics,
  • Willing to be actively responsible in these matters.
Mission Name Surname
Coordinators Arya Çetin, İstanbul University–Cerrahpaşa Medicine, Spark 7
Zülal Onuk, Galatasaray University–Political Science, Spark 9
Yusuf Acar, İstanbul University–Law Faculty, Spark 7