Wide Shot In Education

Wide Shot in Education

We believe that schools should become institutions that give students excitement, reinforce self-respect of students, and develop their creativity and relation management skills. For this, we defend that all shareholders should have a role in education with a solution-oriented and cooperative attitude. We attach importance to that local cooperation should be used in the most efficient way with active participations of especially students, teachers, school managements and parents.

With these goals, we started Wide Shot in Education (WSIE) Program to make contribution the improvement of education quality in secondary education level.

What does WSIE include?

For students
  • Workshop, seminar and conversations for personal, cultural and social development areas
  • Support for studies of student clubs we believe that they are in line with our targets
  • Programs developed in axis of experience sharing: Mentorship Program, Peer Meetings, Occupation Introduction Days, Inspirational Talks
  • Projects to instill Social responsibility awareness and development
  • Implementations via which we can provide awareness and training with visual memory: 2013-14 Enviroment, 2015-16 Scientists Exhibition, 2016-17 Success Stories giving inspiration

For Teachers and School Managements
  • Training programs for personal and occupational development areas

For Parents
  • Seminars for parents

What are targeted outputs?

For students

A creative youth, who have developed self-respect, strong communication skills, know their targets and are conscious on what they should do for this, open to development, having high social awareness and added value

For Teachers, School Management and Parents

Teachers & school Managements and parents who have strong inner motivation and sense of belonging, are able to communicate with student/child more peacefully, adopt solution oriented understanding and cooperative attitude

Rıdvan Çelikel Science High School

We have been implementing WSIE Program in Rıdvan Çelikel Anatolian High School since 2010 – 11 academic year. The school, which is supported by our foundation with success scholarships, continues its education activities with the name of ”Rıdvan Çelikel Science High School” since 2015-16 academic year.

The Password of Future: Coding Project

Within the scope of the Wide Shot in Education Program (WSIE), our scholars (sparks) of Fire Balls Program, which is another program, aim to teach the logic of coding language, which is the common language of digital culture, to high school students who do not have the opportunity to learn it, by implementing “The Password of Future: Coding Project”.

Peer Meetings

Within the scope of Wide Shot in Education Program, scholarship holders (sparks) of our Fire Balls Program, share their achievements through the challenging life conditions, motivational sources for achieving their goals despite these challenges, experiences of preparation for the university entrance exams and their self-improvement plans as an undergraduate with their high school peers and stimulate their inspiration via Peer Meetings Project.