The Password of Future: Coding Project

The Password of Future: Coding Project

Why Coding?

The world is undergoing rapid technological changes. Production volume of science and technology continues to increase day by day. The digitalized world is now shaped on coding. Coding is like learning a new language for those of us who do not know at all. Individuals who know the language of the world and can keep up with it will start business life more than those who do not. Individuals who know the coding language will have the opportunity to further develop their algorithmic thinking, logical cause and effect relationship, problem solving, innovative thinking and production skills.

Our goal is to teach the logic of the coding language to high school students who do not have the oppurtunity to learn coding language, which is the common language of digital culture.


Within the scope of the Password of the Future: Coding Project, our sparks carry out their activities on a voluntary basis and with a professional working discipline. Regardless of the undergraduate program that he / she is studying, all the sparks that are willing to learn coding and teach high school peers to the coding language, successfully complete all of the trainings we have developed and provide other continuity conditions can be instructors.

  • We attach importance to documentation and process development studies. We create evaluation reports on both a year and a workshop basis. Thus, we identify strong and open areas for improvement and create action plans.
  • We use Office 365’s Teams and Planner applications to make in-team communication active and uninterrupted.
  • We use various digital applications to facilitate and make learning processes of eager high school students benefiting from the project.
  • We compile a variety of resource suggestions for the high school youth who cannot be accepted to the Project due to our limited resources, to improve themselves in the coding area and we take the actuality of these suggestions as basis. 
  • We aim to develop new tools and methods to make the volunteer ecosystem sustainable.

Our Project Team

It is made up of young people who learn the language of coding first and then aim to teach high school students this language. In cooperation with KODRİS and Kavak District National Education Directorate, we implemented the project in Rıdvan Çelikel Science High School in 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. In 2019-20 academic year, we apply KODRİS and Şişli District National Education Directorate Mehmet Pisak Anatolian High School.


Education Committee

It develops the content of the Workshop Training Program and its content, and workshops to be applied to high school students, consolidates the in-team evaluations with the analyzes resulting from the workshop evaluations, controls the KODRİS and the Workshop Admin Panel, which we use to facilitate the learning process of high school students, develops tools and methods to encourage the use of resources by students.

Corporate Communication Committee

It develops creative content for the dissemination of all our activities through social platforms, follows the visual stocks of the project, communicates with the relevant people and institutions and develops resources for the needs of the project.