It is a support program, with the participation of volunteer mentors  to be a learning companion for them, to support the development of mentored students in specific areas of skill.

What do we aim?

We aim to support youth; to recognize themselves, to realize their potential, to achieve their goals in the period when they need mentoring most and to support them to achieve their development in the areas of basic skills.

Who are eligible to be a Mentor?

People who;

  • Have Bachelor’s degree,
  • Have at least 2 years of professional work experience,
  • Have the ability to be a role model with career and leadership skills,
  • Give importance to effective listening,
  • Be open to new and diverse ideas,
  • Have the ability to remain positive and be flexible in difficult situations,
  • Willing to develop themselves and others,
  • Have the understanding of areas where the support is needed,
  • Have the ability to attend Mentor Training and Mentor & Mentee Meeting which are organized once a year,
  • Voluntarily accept providing sufficient mentorship to their Mentees in line with the ethical rules.

All employees of Anel Group, employee relatives, or the ones who have the reference of our active volunteers can apply for being a Mentor in Çelikel Education Foundation.

Who is eligible to be a Mentee?

10th, 11th and 12th grade students of Rıdvan Çelikel Science School who are determined to;

  • Be willing to take mentorship support,
  • Need self-development in the areas targeted for development by the program,
  • Be open to learning and development,
  • Have the permission of those who are obliged to look after them,
  • Have declared to comply with the ethical rules and the agreement,
  • The same number of mentees and mentors.

Skills Targeted For Development In Mentored Students


Considering the fact that most of the problems encountered by individuals in their professional lives and social relationships arise from communication mistakes, the Mentorship Program will give mentees the opportunity to express themselves in an effective way and to develop themselves applying the effective communication skills by taking their mentors as an example during this period.

Self-respect and Self-efficacy

This will help mentored students to get to know themselves better and to accept who they really are, to feel that they are competent and valued, and to discover their strengths to believe in themselves in achieving their targets.


During the Mentorship Program, mentees will be encouraged to dream about future, to understand that there may be alternatives other than the life they are familiar with, and to develop a more positive and hopeful perspective of future.

Social Support

Social Support is key not only for individual’s mental health but also for coping with the problems they encounter. As the program will include students who perceive that the level of support from their families, teachers and/friends are relatively lower and who are considered to need more support in achieving their targets, they will find an opportunity to develop themselves with the support of their mentors throughout the program.

Future Planning

One of the biggest objectives of the Mentorship Program is to help students to gain clarity regarding their professional targets and expectations and to mediate their plans for the future. The program will allow mentored students to know themselves better and discover their strengths accordingly, to realize their areas of interest to reflect upon the subjects they want to study at the university and to learn how to plan their future.

One of the most important objectives of Mentorship Program is to help mentees clarify their academic and professional goals and expectations and to help them make plans for the future. Mentees will get to know themselves better and discover their strengths, realize the areas they are interested in, reflect on the departments they want to study at the University and learn to plan the future.