Peer Meetings

Why Peer Meetings?

During the lifelong development process, it is known that every development period and transition phase can be strengthened with external help and support. (Brammer and MacDonald, 1999)

One of these support methods is the voluntary experience sharing of an individual who has the similar experience and is outside the inner circle of the subject person.  Moreover, when the experience sharing is between akin age groups, the interaction increases positively.


  • We choose our speakers, among our sparks studying in various university departments on the basis of volunteerism. We also aim to add the new sparks of Fire Balls Program to our team as speakers every year.
  • In case the students of the schools where we conduct peer meetings ask questions via our social media accounts, we try to provide mentorship to them.
  • We attach importance to documentation and process development. We prepare assessment reports about our meetings and share them with the administrative teams of the related schools.
  • We use Teams and Planner applications of Office 365 to ensure the active and uninterrupted communication of the team.
  • Toensure the sustainability of the volunteering ecosystem, we aim to develop new tools and methods.

Inviting Us To Your High School

We determine the schools to cooperate for the Peer Meetings Project in line with the criteria in the Project Guide latest in September and announce these meetings in Wide Shot in Education Program’s related academic calendar.

If you plan to invite us to your high school for Peer Meetings Project, please send an e-mail to our Project Coordinators;
İlayda Borazan (, Eyüpcan Yılmaz ( or Şeref Örensoy (